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Why the SOAR Africa Student Mentorship Program?

SOAR Africa was developed in response to the ever-changing, ever-increasing challenges facing students today. The Student Mentorship Program has been developed in response to an abundance of challenges faced by the current generation of youth. The vast majority of youth face challenges including:

  1. Less than 20% of all the students that sit for KCSE make it to university
  2. More than 70% of students in university and colleges are doing courses they hate or don’t understand where it will take them
  • More than 50% of prisoners in the country are youth
  1. Most social evils in the society are associated with the youth
  2. Unemployment in the country at the moment is well over 60%. Financial literacy is now a must for children and youth.
  3. Radicalization, violent religious and political extremism is majorly targeted on the youth and children
  • Rise in drug and substance abuse. In Nairobi alone 50% of students have in the past abused drugs (NACADA).
  • Inadequate and detached parenting practices leading to a breakdown of the moral fabric present in the classical family set up leading to further behavioral abnormalities such as unconventional sexual affiliations, premature pregnancies, rape, suicide and cases of depression and other similar mental disorders
  1. A lack of diligence in academic activities by students leading to an increase of behavior that is disruptive to the school environment such as student unrest, destruction of school property, theft, bullying and absconding of school duties
  2. Gender inequality both in the case of boys and girls. In the case of boys, there is increased marginalization of the boy child not only in terms of academics, but also in regard to self-identity and self-expression. The girl child is equally perplexed with challenges. Despite recent developments in the empowerment of the girl child, there are still many outstanding challenges such as teenage pregnancy, early marriages and female genital mutilation


  1. Excellence. Our team is made of authentic, gifted and professional speakers and mentors. Each one of them is professionally equipped and has an inspiring success story.
  2. For over 15 years we have worked with over 500 schools and several corporate institutions with demonstrable results.
  3. Customer Service. For every service you get from us, we serve it from our hearts. Our commitment to have you satisfied is unparalleled.
  4. Value for money. Our services charges is a true value for money. What we offer vis a viz our charges is a true reflection for value for money
  5. Spare yourself the hustle. Once you engage Excel Africa, one single call and you are sorted. The rest of the hustle to make your event as successful becomes our burden.

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