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Coaching and mentoring both exist for the same purpose: helping others grow, develop and reach their full potential. Both coaching and mentoring give the opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for their own personal and career development.

The two frequently get grouped together when discussing people development, making it feel like an ‘either or’ decision for organisations. But there are a number of key differences between coaching and mentoring, so it’s important to see them as separate things and understand how they can work together

What is a career mentor?

mentor is someone who can guide, advise, and support you to be the best you can be in your career. They take time to understand you and the challenges you’re facing and then advise you based on their understanding of the problem and their personal experience – with the aim of helping you towards your goals.

The benefits of mentoring include; increasing self-confidence, developing communication and leadership skills, and gaining exposure to new perspectives. As a result, those with mentors are more likely to feel inspired and motivated to progress in their careers.

In SOAR Africa we have willing mentors who are able to guide you as a student to become a better person

Career Coaching By Kilimo Ruto

What is a career coach?

While there are a number of different styles of coaching and types of career coach, ultimately a coach is someone who can support you in specific personal or career development areas. They may identify and prioritise improvement areas, break down your end goal into smaller goals and work with you to shape and grow your mindset.

Career coaches can help you understand yourself better, improve your mindset and equip you with the skills to handle future challenges and situations.

Compared with mentoring, coaching is typically more structured and tailored to specific outcomes, as opposed to general personal development. This more formal structure is also a result of coaches charging for their service, unlike mentors.

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