SOAR Africa, For Change



Statement from the Founder

SOAR Africa is a revolutionary Youth Mentorship Platform developed after years of experience working with Students, Institutions of Learning and other key stakeholders. To this day, I have worked with more than 500 schools across all counties in Kenya speaking with students, parents, teachers and heads of schools. I have developed a wealth of mentorship materials including Motivational Books, Newsletters and Audio-visual materials. I have had the privilege to work with multiple organizations and individuals in community social activities that empower youth and students such as sponsoring exams in needy schools, donations to children homes, free motivational talks and guidance and counselling services to needy schools and individual students. I have conducted Capacity Building on Performance Management for various organization including the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), National and County Governments, Red Cross Kenya, World Vision Kenya, Action Aid (K) and Rift Valley Water Service Board. This platform is therefore designed to give Youths in Primary, high school, College, University and in Community a wholesome outlook in life and to prepare them for their future life.


SOAR Africa is the best inspirational centre for your development.


The Vision Statement

To develop a generation of young people across Africa that will soar wholesomely to the pinnacle of excellence.

The Mission Statement

To promote and carry out activities that will revitalize the youth potential and reposition them Academically, Socially and Economically in order to excel wholesomely by facilitating constructive mentorship tools

Core Values




Self Believe

Objectives of the SOAR Africa Mentorship Program

The SOAR Africa mentorship model looks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To Mentor and Inspire students to academic excellence
  2. To inculcate life skills to the youth for social excellence
  • To instill financial discipline and entrepreneur mind to the youth for personal financial success and spur the country’s economic development
  1. To provide professional guidance counselling to the youth on life challenges and career development
  2. To develop resource materials that will help the youth have a readership that will shape there thinking into rising to the pinnacle of success in every area of life
  3. To build the capacity of youth-care-givers e.g teachers, parents, guardians and other stakeholders in order to give maximum impactful support to the youth, that will help them fully exploit their potential
  • Raise a team of authentic leaders for the next generation


Richard Kilimo Ruto is the co-founder and Executive Director of Step Up advisory, The CEO of SOAR Africa, a Huma Resource Development Consultancy firm. He Holds a Bachelors Degree in Education, Master`s Degree in Governance and Ethics and a PHD student in Leadership & Governance.

He has an extensive work experience in both private and public sector.

He is currently the Director of Public Prticipation and civic Education in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

He is a gifted Speaker and Preacher who is sought after by Churches , Schools and Corporate organizations.

He an Author of the book title”Flourish -Living Beyond The Boundaries of limitation.

Our Last Training at Chebwagan Boys High school.

Youth Programs

  1. Youth Life Skills Mentorship

-Life Skills


  1. Soar weekly inspiration

-Topical inspirational talks (Mounting up)

  1. Manpower Academy
  2. Form-four Leavers’ Activation Challenge

-After results annually

-KCSE outcome counselling

-College preparation

-Career Choice Guidance

-College financing

-Financial management


Soar Foundation

  1. The Green Movement
  2. The Youth Empowerment Programe


Student Optimum Activation and Revitalization Centre Limited-S.O.A.R Africa is a unique organization that aims at impacting the society

S.O.A.R Africa is an abbreviation for students optimum and revitalization Centre, a body that has passions not only in the students fraternity but also in the entire humanity.

We do the following :


School Programs

  1. Candidates Activation Challenge
  2. Teachers’ Capacity Building

-Examination workshop

-Guidance and Counselling workshop

-Best teaching practices workshop

  1. Student Council Training

-Student leadership workshop

-Soar Africa leadership handbook

  1. Motivational Talks and Key Note Training

-Regional motivational speakers with profiles on Soar Africa website

-Regional Soar Africa mentors’ teams

  1. Student Peer Counsellors Induction

-Peer counsellors’ workshop

-Peer counsellors’ handbook

-School based peer counsellors’ groups led by G&C teacher

  1. Candidates’ Academic Mentorship

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